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Ota city guide, to provide information to foreign visitors, and to be able to translate the site using the free translation service from Google.
However, it will be translated mechanically, may not have the right translation.
Even with the accuracy of translation errors, etc., with us so you can not bear any responsibility for, Please note.

Please choose the language you want to use. 

If you do not want to use language is available on here

  1. Please access Google’s translation page (external site).
  2. Please paste the URL(http://www.ota-kanko.jp/) in the text box.
  3. Please select from the pull-down menu the “日本語”.
  4. Please select from the pull-down menu the your language.
  5. Please press the button(written-”翻訳”) on the bottom right of the text box.
  6. The translated page is displayed.