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Yabuzuka Onsen Tour
(Yabuzuka Hot Spring Tour)

This onsen was regarded as the private hot spring of Yoshisada Nitta, who was a military commander in the 14th century. Surrounding this resort area, there are many tourist spots. Come here and enjoy not only this hot spring but its history and the beautiful natural setting.

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General Tour by Train and Bus

Tobu Kiryu Yabuzuka Station Natsume-no-sato ・ Nishiyama Kofun (Natsume-no-sato Park and Nishiyama Mound): Adress: 3514 Yabuzuka-cho The Japan Snake Center: Address: 3318 Yabuzuka-cho Mikazuki-mura: Address: 3320 Yabuzuka-cho → Tsutsuji-yama Koen (Tsutsuji-yama Park): Address: 3320 Yabuzuka-cho Yabuzuka Hon-machi Museum of History and Folk Customs: Address: 149 Yabuzuka-cho Onsen Jinja (Onsen Shrine): Address: 169 Yabuzuka-cho Hotels or Inns

Where to Go for Sightseeing

Natsume-no-sato ・ Nishiyama Kofun (Natsume-no-sato Park and Nishiyama Mound)

This park’s construction was based upon a children’s song “Ano-ko-wa Dare” (Who is that girl?) composed by Yutaro Hosokawa. Farther inside the park you can find Nishiyama Kofun (Nishiyama Mound), which was built at the end of the 6th century. This mound is an ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage.

Tsutsuji-yama Koen (Tsutsuji-yama Park)

This park is covered with azalea flowers in the spring and hydrangea flowers in the summer. There are stone monuments in the park including a monument of the poet Taki Fusejima and the statue of Kogarashi Monjiro, a TV drama character.

Onsen Jinja (Onsen Shrine)

This shrine is located in the Yabuzuka hot spring resort area. The worship at this shrine has always included a legend, in which the village people in the past used to heal themselves by taking a bath in this hot spring. One day a horse jumped into the hot water and neighed. Then it suddenly started to rain and the horse soared high in the sky. After that, only cold water gushed out. When the local people lamented for the loss of the hot water, a god of health showed up in an old villager’s dream and said, “Boil this cold water and it will become a miraculous fountain.” This is how Yabuzuka hot spring and Onsen Jinja were created by the local people.