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Yabuzuka Onsen (Yabuzuka Hot Spring)

The Private Hot Spring of Yoshisada Nitta

Yabuzuka Hot Spring is believed to have been discovered by Gyoki Shonin, a Buddhist priest, during the reign of Emperor Tenji (from 668 to 671 A.D.). This is also regarded as the private hot spring of Yoshisada Nitta who was a military commander in the 14th century, that is, in the Kamakura Era and the Nanbokucho Era. He came here with his soldiers after battles to recover their strength.

Although this mineral hot spring has been running for more than a thousand years, its quality has not changed. The water is clear and contains bicarbonate that makes your skin smoother and rejuvenates your liver.

Surrounding this hot spring resort area, there are many tourist spots such as Onsen Jinja (Hot Spring Shrine), the Snake Center, and Mikazuki-mura (Mikazuki Village) that became well known as a setting for the TV drama “Kogarashi Monjiro.”

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name Address Telephone Map
Hotel Fusejima 162 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma +81-277-78-2321 GoogleMap
Kaiso Imaikan 162 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma +81-277-78-2421 GoogleMap
Yabuzukakan 211 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma +81-277-78-2518 GoogleMap
Nishiyamakan 163 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma +81-277-78-2678 GoogleMap
Imaya 246 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota, Gunma +81-277-78-2318 GoogleMap