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Best Locations for Flowers

Peonies at Taikei-ji (Taikei Temple)

This temple was founded by Myoman Bikuni who was a daughter of Yoshishige Nitta. In its garden, there are about 3,500 plants including one hundred and fifty varieties of peonies.  They are at their best from the end of April to the beginning of May.

Address: Taikei-ji (Taikei Temple): 1000 Oone-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-57-1077


Tsutsuji-yama Koen (Azalea Park)

This park is located in the center of the Yabuzuka hot spring resort. Azaleas are in full bloom in the spring.

Telephone: +81-276-1833 (Department of Tourism)


Dogtooth violets at Maruyama Yakushi
(Maruyama Yakushi Temple)

These violets are at their best from the end of March to the beginning of April. They are at the north side of Kanayama Hill.

Address: 301-6 Maruyama-cho, Ota Gunma
Telephone: +81-277-78-5193


Japanese quinces at Kanmuri Inari Jinja
(Kanmuri Inari Shrine)

There is a tree here about 400 years old, with a root circumference of 3 meters, and 3.5 meters high. Its nearly 500 branches have grown thick and dense with time, and the blossoms are at their best in the beginning of April.

Address: Kanmuri Inari Jinja (Kanmuri Inari Shrine): 1 Hosoya-cho, Ota


Cherry Blossoms

The best locations for cherry blossoms are as follows.

Fuji (Wisteria blossoms)

Satsuki Azaleas at Eitoku-ji (Eitoku Temple)

Eitoku-ji (Eitoku Temple) is also known as Satsuki-dera because of its beautiful satsuki azalea garden.

Address: Eitokuji: 373-1 Tokugawa-cho
Telephone: +81-276-52-1856 (Office in Eitoku Temple)


Hydrangeas at Sazae-do (Sogen Temple: Sazae-do)

Sogen-ji (Sogen Temple) was constructed in 1188 and is called Sazae-do (a turban shell temple) owing to its style of architecture. Within the grounds, there are one hundred hydrangeas planted in accordance with one hundred statues of the Kannon (the goddess of mercy) inside the temple.

Admission Fee: Free to the precincts.
Address: 168 Higasi Imaizumi-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-25-1343 (Office in Sogen-ji)


Lotus Flowers in Yabuzuka

Approximately 200 lotus flowers were planted to symbolize the 25th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations with China in 1972.

Address: 269-1 Yabuzuka-cho
Telephone: +81-276-47-1833 (Department of Tourism)


Cluster Amaryllis at Joraku-ji (Joraku Temple)

The garden of Joraku-ji (Joraku Temple) is well organized with many kinds of flowers including cluster amaryllises, azaleas, narcissuses, and lotus flowers. Red cluster amaryllises are especially beautiful here in the fall.

Address: Joraku-ji (Joraku Temple): 327 Kamitajima-cho
Telephone: +81-276-31-0001 (Office in Joraku-ji)


Kanto Kiku Festival
(the Chrysanthemum Festival in the Kanto Area)

Approximately 800 chrysanthemums are displayed and special prizes are given for the best flowers in the festival. You can even buy some chrysanthemums here.
Hours: Open all day long between October 25th and November 25th.

Admission Fee: Free.
Address: Daiko-in (Daiko Temple): 37-8 Kanayama-cho
Telephone: +81-276-47-1833 (Department of Tourism)


Maple Trees and Other Autumnal Tints