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Kanayama Tour

Kanayama is a hill regarded as a symbol of Ota City. Walking up the hill, you can enjoy natural beauty blended with the history and traditional customs of the former site of Kanayama Castle.

General Tour

Starting from Tobu Testudo Ota Station Honcho-dori・Mijo-do (Honcho Avenue・Mijo Avenue) Takayama Jinja (Takayama Shrine):Address: 48 Hon-cho Higashiyama Shinsui Koen (Higashiyama Park): Address: 39-26 Kanayama-cho

Starting from Kinryu-ji (Kinryu Temple): Address: 40-1 Kanayama-cho Hiking course Motor Pool Tenbo-dai (an observation deck at a parking lot) Kanayama-jo Ato (the former site of Kanayama Castle): Address: 40-87 Kanayama-cho・Nitta Jinja (Nitta Shrine): Address: 40-132 Kanayama-cho Panorama Chair Gunma Kodomono Kuni (Gunma Children’s Land): Address: 480 Nagate-cho Hiking course Daiko-in (Daiko Temple): Address: 37-8 Kanayama-cho Monzen Shotengai Yasegawa Sakura Road (Yasegawa Cherry Blossoms Road) Tobu Tetsudo Ota Station

Where to Go for Sightseeing

Kanayama (Hiking Course)

Kanayama Hill is a symbol of Ota City. It has a hiking course that many visitors enjoy natural beauty along.

Telephone: +81-276-47-1833 (Ota Tourism Association)

Takayama Jinja (Takayama Shrine)

This shrine reveres Hikokuro Takayama who advocated royalism at the end of the Edo Era. It is also known for wisteria blossoms in the spring.

Address: 48 Hon-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-22-3055

Kinryu-ji (Kinryu Temple)

This temple was constructed to worship Yoshisada Nitta by his grandson Sadauji Yokose. A wooden statue of Yoshisada is enshrined here.

Address: 40-1 Kanayama-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-22-4920

Daiko-in (Daiko Temple)

This temple was constructed in 1613 by Ieyasu Tokugawa as a memorial temple for Yoshishige Nitta, the founder of the clan. It is known as Kosodate-Donryu-sama, named after the first priest, Donryu. 

Address: 37-8 Kanayama-cho, Ota.
Telephone: +81-276-22-2007

Kanayama-jo Ato
(The Former Site of Kanayama Castle)

Iezumi Iwamatsu, one of the Nittas, built this castle in 1496. It was famous as an impregnable castle during the age of civil wars. However, as times changed, the ownership moved to the Yokoses and to the Hojos. After the Hojos political power declined, this castle was abandoned. Otekoguchi (the entrance to the castle), Hi-no-Ike and Tsuki-no-Ike (Pond Sun and Pond Moon) were reconstructed and this site is now used as a park.

Address: 40-87 Kanayama-cho, Ota
Telephone:  +81-276-20-7090 (Department of Cultural Properties, Ota City)
Parking: Please use Kanayama Motor-Pool that is located about 5 minutes away on foot.

Nitta Jinja (Nitta Shrine)

This shrine was constructed in 1875 on the former site of Kanayama Castle as a place to worship Yoshisada Nitta. On New Year’s Day, many people visit this shrine to pray for another happy year and appreciate the sunrise from the top of the hill.

Address: 40-132 Kanayama-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-25-0487

Gunma Kodomo-no-Kuni
(Gunma Children’s Land)

At this park, children can enjoy many types of activities. For example, you can enjoy pedaling a “cycle monorail”, summer-bobsledding, and doing woodwork and pottery in the studio. In the children’s hall, you can learn science at the planetarium and at the science wonderland.

Address: 480 Nagate-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-22-1766
Hours: 8:30 to 17:00. Closed on Mondays, and from December 29th to January 3rd.
Admission Fee: Free. Each attraction sets different fee.
Parking: Available for free.

Kanayama-no-Mori Camping Site

Address: 2131-49 Godo-cho, Ota
Telephone; +81-276-37-7132 (Camp site office)
Hours: From April 1st to October 31st.