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Taiheiki Tour

Nitta-no-sho was a manor of the Nitta clan who prospered in the 12th century. Eleven sites of Nitta-no-sho were registered as national cultural remains in 2000. Come and enjoy the history that Yoshisada Nitta created.

General Tour

Starting from Enpuku-ji (Enpuku Temple)・Junisho Jinja (Junisho Shrine) Sorimachi Yakata Ato (the former Sorimachi Mansion) Ikushina Jinja (Ikushina Shrine) Judono Suigen (Judono Springs) Yataijin Suigen (Yataijin Springs)

Starting from Eda Yakata Ato (the former Eda Mansion) Souji-ji (Souji Temple) Choraku-ji (Choraku Temple)・Serada Tosho-gu (Serada Tosho Shrine)・Nitta-no-sho Museum of History Myouou-in (Myouou Tample)

Where to Go for Sightseeing

Enpuku-ji and Junisho Jinja
(Enpuku Temple and Junisho Shrine)

Enpuku-ji is a Buddhist temple founded by Masayosi Nitta (1187 to 1257). Within the grounds, there are twenty pagodas and a five-storied pagoda serving as the family tombs. Junisho Jinja is located in the west part of Enpuku-ji (Enpuku Temple). Sixteen images of god carved in wood are enshrined here.

Address: 600 Bessho-cho, Ota

Sorimachi Yakata Ato
(The Former Site of the Sorimachis’ Mansion)

This site was owned by Yoshisada Nitta and now belongs to Shomei-ji (Shomei Temple).

Address: 896 Nitta Sorimachi-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-57-0211 (Directly to the office of Sorimachi Yakushi Shomei-ji)

Ikushina Jinja (Ikushina Shrine)

At this shrine, Yoshisada Nitta raised his army against the Kamakura government in 1333. Kabura-ra Festival (whistling arrow festival) is held on May 8th of every year.

Address: 647 Nitta Ichinoi-cho, Ota

Judono Suigen (Judono Springs) and Yataijin Suigen (Yataijin Springs)

Natural water gushing out of these sources played a very important role as an irrigation canal for the manor of the Nittas.

Address: Nitta Ichinoi-cho, Ota / Nitta Oone-cho, Ota  

Eda Yakata Ato (The Former Site of the Edas’ Mansion)

This site is believed to have belonged to Yukiyoshi Eda, who followed Yoshisada Nitta and played an active role in the battle against the Kamakura government.

Address: 925 Nitta Kamieda-cho, Ota

Souji-ji (Shouji Temple)

This temple is located on the premises of the Nittas, and so it was also called yakata-no-bou (a temple in the Nittas’ yard). A festival named “Yoshisada-sama” is held on August 1st of every year.

Address: 3201-6 Serada-cho, Ota

Choraku-ji (Choraku Temple)

This is the first Zen temple in the eastern Japan and was founded in 1221 by Yoshisue Tokugawa, choosing Eicho as its first priest. Eicho was one of the leading disciples of Eisai, who was the founder of the Zen Sect in Japan.

Address: 3119-7 Serada-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-52-1035

Serada Tosho-gu (Serada Tosho Shrine)

When Iemitsu Tokugawa, the third general of the Edo Era, reconstructed Nikko Tosho-gu in Tochigi Prefecture, he was allowed to relocate its old outer shrine and a pagoda in the precincts here.

Address: 3119-1 Serada-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-52-2045

Nitta-no-sho Museum of History

Many culturally valuable treasures and properties are displayed in the museum.

Address: 3113-9 Serada-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-52-2215
Admission Fee: 200 yen

Myouou-in (Myouou Temple)

A must to see is a 6-meter-high stone pagoda shaped like a pyramid with a thousand Fudo Myouou carved on the four sides and a tower on the top inscribed in Sanskrit characters.

Address: 200-1 Anyoji-cho, Ota
Telephone: +81-276-52-0735